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Why Do I Need to File and Publish?

A "DBA" is an acronym for "doing business as" and is also referred to as a fictitious business name (FBN), trade name, or assumed name. DBA registrations are required when the business name being used is different from the owner’s or entity's legal name. Below are some examples of when a DBA is required:

Even if you are exempt, filing a DBA is still recommended because most financial institutions will not open a business bank account until they receive proof that a DBA is properly registered. In addition to the filing, California law also require that the DBA be legally published in a local court approved newspaper. The legal publication is intended to provide legal notice to the general public of the recently filed business name. Furthermore if you close your business, it is recommended that you file a Statement of Abandonment in order to document your intent to no longer continuing to use the business name.

Central DBA can process your documents promptly and accurately at the affordable prices. Our experienced staff will review your questionnaire for errors, prepare the necessary documents, file them with the appropriate government office, and if required legally publish the business name filing in a local court approved newspaper.

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*The term "Filing Cost" includes the government filing fees, legal publication fees (if applicable), and legal messenger fees (if applicable).